DAEC Drills in March and April

We have DAEC drills coming soon. The first is a dry-run on 5 March. The second is a fully graded drill (FEMA will be present) on 9 April.

We will respond per our standard guidelines when paged. A net control station will be established, and instructions will be provided by NCS at that time. Any stations available to monitor on either day (both Wednesdays, as t happens) are welcome to participate.

The March drill will primarily consist of testing some new methods of establishing contact with the state EOC. Anyone not directly involved will simply provide responses to NCS to help test equipment.

The April drill will involve testing our installations at CRPD, LCSO, and both hospitals. We may also have the EOC at Collins active. There will be more traffic, and it will be an excellent opportunity to work on your handling skills. We expect to start the inter-agency test around 10 AM, but will respond to Linn EOC when paged.

Send questions my way.


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