DAEC EOC Checklist

DAEC Emergency – EOC Checklist

Date: ________________

These items are to serve as reminders of possible actions. Not all items need to be accomplished for every event.

Upon Arrival at the EOC

  • Check in through Security
  • Obtain a Dosimeter Kit and complete the Dosimeter Form
  • List Name of Primary Amateur Radio Liaison on the White Board
  • Obtain the 3-ring binder marked “Amateur Radio” and complete its checklist
  • Establish Initial Contact
  • Establish contact with the State EOC (KC0EEC 3990.5/7250 kHz)
  • Establish a formal net on 146.745- MHz, call for initial Check-ins
  • Establish contact with the Benton County EOC (145.390 MHz)

Periodic Information Updates

  • Issue status updates as necessary (request acknowledgement).
  • Limit information to that contained in public press releases unless it is critical to the safety of mobiles or portable stations.

Dosimeter Delivery

  • Recruit mobile stations to report to the EOC (tennis court entrance) to deliver dosimeters. Recruit from the following sources, as necessary.
  • Available Check-ins on 146.745
  • Track successful delivery to each destination, using the Emergency Net Log
  • Remind mobiles to read their personal dosimeters every 30 minutes.

If Evacuation is Possible, Designate Liaisons with:

  • Jones County – 145.390- 77.0 Callsign:_________________
  • Benton County – 145.230- 141.3Hz Callsign:_________________
  • Johnson County – 145.270- 192.8Hz Callsign:_________________
  • Buchanan County – 145.330- 103.5Hz Callsign:_________________


  • If required, advise mobiles to report to the designated decontamination station
Revised without review 17 Sep 2017 — corrected tone for Jones

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