DAEC EOC Checklist

DAEC Emergency – EOC Checklist

Date: ________________

These items are to serve as reminders of possible actions. Not all items need to be accomplished for every event.

Upon Arrival at the EOC

  • Check in through Security
  • List Name of Primary Amateur Radio Liaison on the White Board
  • Obtain the 3-ring binder marked “Amateur Radio” and complete its checklists.
    • Note: Depending on the alert level, there may be only one, or multiple. You must complete all checklists UP TO the current level — each level presumes the earlier work was done.
    • Note: Sometimes the checklists do not make it to the binder. If they are missing, speak to the logistics person.
  • Establish Initial Contact
  • Establish contact with the State EOC
    • HF: KC0EEC 3990.5/7250 kHz as conditions allow. Strongly recommend establishing a liaison station offsite for HF contact.
    • DMR: Through 443.600 repeater via state emergency talkgroup or District 6 talkgroup, as appropriate. See DMR protocols page.
  • Establish a formal net on 146.745- (192.8), call for initial Check-ins
  • Establish contact with the Benton County EOC  on 145.230- (141.3)

Periodic Information Updates

  • Issue status updates as necessary (request acknowledgement).
  • Limit information to that contained in public press releases unless it is critical to the safety of mobiles or portable stations.

Dosimeter Delivery

  • Recruit mobile stations to report to the EOC (tennis court entrance) to deliver dosimeters. Recruit from the following sources, as necessary.
  • Available Check-ins on 146.745
  • Track successful delivery to each destination, using the Emergency Net Log.
  • Remind mobiles to read their personal dosimeters every 30 minutes (only if dosimeters were issued. This will be done only for stations within the EPZ).

If Evacuation is Possible, Designate Liaisons with:

  • Jones County – 145.390- (77.0) Callsign:_________________
  • Benton County – 145.230- (141.3) Callsign:_________________
  • Johnson County – 145.270- (192.8) Callsign:_________________
  • Buchanan County – 145.330- (103.5) Callsign:_________________


  • If required, advise mobiles to report to the designated decontamination station
Revised 7 February 2020

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