Frequency Plan


This guideline establishes how Net Control shall allocate frequencies for ongoing use during an emergency.


ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Service
AEC – Assistant Emergency Coordinator
EC – Emergency Coordinator
EOC – Emergency Operations Center (Linn County)
ICS – Incident Command System
LCEMA – Linn County Emergency Management Agency
NCS – Net Control Station
SOG – Standard Operating Guidelines


During emergency operations, multiple frequencies may be required to support served agencies. Any amateur radio frequencies may be used for any purpose, within the restrictions imposed by Part 97. But to reduce confusion and ensure operational efficiency, the following frequencies are designated as the starting point for any operation.


In the event of ARES activation, stations should have these frequencies programmed in their radios and check them in the listed order.

  • 146.745 repeater (192.8)
  • 145.150 repeater (192.8)
  • 146.505 simplex
  • 147.480 simplex

NCS will set up primary logistics on the first usable frequency in the list. Stations will be directed to the appropriate frequency for their particular assignments.

Please note that more than one of these might be in use for a given event. If NCS is on 145.150, the simplex frequencies might still be used for ancillary event operation.

Also note that operations may include other frequencies or repeaters if the event is large enough or equipment failures force a move. These frequencies are listed as “starting frequencies” for any event — a proper response will, of course, use whatever resources are necessary and appropriate.

Frequency Changes

Please refer to Changing Frequencies During A Net for the guidelines on moving an active net.

Last modified: 6 February 2020