Hazard Assessment

Linn Co. ARES Hazard Assessment


This document for emergency planning purposes. Its function is to :

  1. List all major emergency situations,
  2. Determine the likelihood of each situation occurring in Linn County,
  3. Determine if the situation may involve Amateur Radio assistance,
  4. Determine what that assistance may be.

Hazard Identification

The following list of possible hazards was obtained from “The Emergency Program Manager”, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Management Institute. A judgment of the Probability that such an emergency might occur in Linn County is identified as HIGH, Medium, or Low. Also listed is the likely Impact to the general public, and the degree of Amateur Radio Participation expected.

Disaster                    Probability   Impact       Participation
Tornado                     HIGH          HIGH         HIGH
Flood                       HIGH          Low          Medium
Hazardous Materials         HIGH          Medium       Low
Radiological Incident       HIGH          HIGH         HIGH
Major Fire                  Medium        Low          Low
Power Outage                Medium        Medium       Low 
Ice/Snow Storm              HIGH          HIGH         HIGH
Mass Casualty Incident      HIGH          HIGH         HIGH
Loss of Water Supply        HIGH          HIGH         Low
Loss of Commercial Comm.    HIGH          Medium       Medium 
Energy/Fuel Shortage        Low           HIGH         Low
Bomb Threat                 Medium        Medium       Low
Civil Disorder              Medium        Medium       Low
Drought                     HIGH          Medium       Low
Enemy Attack                Low           HIGH         HIGH
Hurricane                   Low           -            -
Tsunami                     Low           -            -
Earthquake                  Low           -            -
Volcano                     Low           -            -
Mudflow                     Low           -            -
Dam Failures                Low           -            -

Potential ARES Response

This section indicates potential ARES responses to Disasters that may occur within Linn County. It also includes emergency situations (such as searches) that may not be a major emergency, but may utilize Amateur Radio communications.

Tornado/Severe Weather

  • Linn Co. Severe Weather Net
  • Collins Weather Radar
  • Airport Weather Radar
  • Inter-County Liaisons
  • Damage Assessment


  • River Level Reporting
  • Monitor Dike Integrity
  • Monitor Pump Activity
  • Spectator Monitoring
  • Backup Voice Communication
  • Supplemental Equipment (Generators, Water Pumps, Boats)
  • Evacuation/Relocation Support
  • Damage Assessment

Hazardous Materials

  • Evacuation/Relocation Support
  • Backup Voice Communication

Radiological Incident

  • Evacuation/Relocation Support
  • Backup Communication with State EOC
  • Health/Welfare Traffic
  • Dosimeter Distribution
  • Backup Voice Communication

Major Fire

  • Evacuation/Relocation Support
  • Supplemental Equipment (Generators, Portable Lighting)

Power Outage

  • Supplemental Equipment (Generators, Portable Lighting)
  • Backup Voice Communication

Ice/Snow Storm

  • Supplemental Equipment (Generators, Portable Lighting)
  • Backup Communication with State EOC
  • Health/Welfare Traffic

Mass Casualty Incident (including aircraft crash)

  • Radio Location (of ELT)
  • Search
  • Backup Voice Communication

Loss/Contamination of Water Supply

  • Backup Voice Communication

Loss of Commercial Communications

  • Backup Voice Communication
  • Packet Data Traffic

Missing Person/Drowning

  • Search

Radio Interference/Jamming

  • Radio Location

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