THREE Events in September.

Support them if you can!

  • 4 September — NDMS drill. For Linn County, this will entail having amateurs at each hospital. Traffic will be passed via the 800 MHz HAN system ONLY, unless we are forced to deviate from the plan. This drill is during the day on Thursday, but we only need a few people to support it. KD0HF and WA6GFD are the leads on this one.
  • 6 September — Swamp Fox Run. This is a fairly short run, but it does have walkers, so it will take a couple of hours. Hawkeye Radio Communications is the lead group. Contact Dick, N0THE, if you are available.
  • 27 September — Alzheimer’s Walk. This is in downtown CR, and it is a GREAT event for beginners. If you’ve wanted to help but wanted an easier event to start, this is it. Contact William, N0AGL, if interested.

These are the last events of the seasons besides Witch Watch, so far as we know, but we’re already planning some of next year’s events. Stay tuned!





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