Witch Watch is coming

It’s October. Halloween is not that far off, so we’re gearing up for Witch Watch 2013.

For those not familiar with the event, WW is where the amateur community patrols parts of the county not covered by their own police departments on behalf of the Linn County Sheriff’s Office. We act only as mobile “eyes and ears” — we do nothing more than observe and report.

This is usually a pretty light event, and a great way to get some practice in if you otherwise don’t work a lot of events. This year, we expect the following:

  • Two operators in net control, which will be housed in building 112 at Rockwell Collins. It’s clearly much more convenient to work NCS if you are a Collins employee, but arrangements can otherwise be made if we know in advance.
  • One or two operators to work as our liaison in the Sheriff’s dispatch center. This is a liaison position ONLY — we no longer run NCS from there for this event.
  • Five, perhaps six, vehicles available for patrol. Each vehicle MUST have two people (three if you’re friendly). We will not dispatch a vehicle with a solo operator.
  • Professional attitude and behavior, as always!

If we have more volunteers than we need, we will either work some vehicles in shifts, or turn people down. I certainly hope to not do that, but there’s only so much we can handle at a time.

APRS will be used again this year. You do NOT need APRS capability to participate, but we will certainly take full advantage of it if you do. Please indicate when you volunteer if you have APRS and if it allows messaging. We’ll send instructions later on preferred settings for the event.

Write me at my callsign @arrl.net with questions.

73, Scott



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