Sunday Evening Net Script

Weekly Linn County ARES Net Script

Reminder: Enable 250.3 Hz CTCSS tone

All stations on frequency, this is (call) calling the Linn County Amateur Radio Emergency Service Net. This net meets every Sunday evening at 1900 hours local time on Cedar Rapids repeater 146.745. The alternate repeater is 145.15. Both repeaters require a 192.8 Hz tone.

First Sunday of the month: If severe weather or any other emergency is possible, stations are encouraged to monitor this repeater. If you do not wish to monitor routine traffic, you may program your receiver to use a 250.3 Hz CTCSS tone decode. This tone will be transmitted by Net Control in the event of an actual emergency. Please remember to disable your tone before transmitting if you do not have an emergency. All Emergency Guidelines are posted on the Linn County portion of the Web site at “”.

Second Sunday of the month: The Amateur Radio Emergency Service consists of licensed Radio Amateurs who have registered their capabilities with the American Radio Relay League. It is the public service, emergency communications, and disaster preparedness arm of the ARRL. The purposes of this net are to familiarize ARES members with each other, for emergency preparedness training and to pass traffic.

Third Sunday of the month:During this net and for general use on this repeater, use the term “Emergency” or “Break Emergency” along with your call if you are requesting emergency assistance or have emergency traffic. This way, there will be no doubt to the net control or the repeater users as to the nature of the request. The word “break” should not be used just to join in a routine conversation.

Fourth Sunday of the month: This net accepts both Formal message traffic and Informal traffic. Informal traffic consists of announcements of interest to the general Amateur population; including club meetings, classes, exams, and requests for volunteers. Informal traffic also includes requests for technical assistance. (Note: Encourage anyone with a for-sale item to publish it in the Bandspread.)

Fifth Sunday of the month: Pick one from above.

All stations are invited to check in with or without traffic. This is a directed net; please direct all traffic through net control, (phonetics call). My name is (name); location is (city). I’ll stand by for Emergency Coordinators and Assistant Emergency Coordinators.

Reminder: Disable 250.3 Hz tone when convenient.

I acknowledge (list callsigns).

Give name, city/quadrant, position. For all check-ins: Note any traffic, handle doubles, ask for corrections as necessary.

Any stations with formal traffic? Please respond with your callsign only.

If any stations respond: (callsign), list your traffic. Expect them to respond with how many pieces of traffic they have, and for what cities.

Can anyone take traffic for (city)? Arrange for traffic handlers to go to another frequency or to handle it after the net.

If no one volunteers, state I am holding traffic for (city) periodically during the net.

Any stations with informal traffic?

If stations respond: I acknowledge (list callsigns). Any additions or corrections to this list?

(callsign), go ahead with your traffic.

If NCS has traffic: I have (number) for the net. Give your traffic.

This is (call) with the Linn County ARES net. I\’ll take general check-ins from Cedar Rapids Northeast and Southeast sides.

I acknowledge (list callsigns). Give name, quadrant.

Any additions or corrections to this list?

REPEAT the above for Cedar Rapids NW/SW, Marion, Toddville/Hiawatha/Robins, then any Linn County location not included. Once these are cleared, open the net to checkins from any location.

This is (call) with the Linn County ARES net. To summarize traffic, [summarize].

Any questions about tonight\’s traffic? Handle as appropriate.

Optional: Any late check-ins?

That brings tonight\’s total check-ins to ______stations.

Remember other local nets:

  • the Jones County ARES net at 2000 hours on 145.39
  • the Delaware County ARES net at 2030 hours on 147.30
  • the Johnson County ARES net at 2030 hours on 145.27
  • The 160 meter Iowa ARES Test Net at 2130 hours on approximately 1973 kHz, lower sideband
  • Benton County ARES net on Mondays at 1830 hours on 145.23

Thanks to the Cedar Valley Amateur Radio Club for the use of this repeater. I now close the Linn County Amateur Radio Emergency Service Net. 73 to all. This is (call), clear.


Bold font = Actual net script.

Normal font = general instructions; do not read on the air

( ) = insert call, first name, city or number; as appropriate.

Net Control Operator Schedule

1st week – N0GUD, Scott
2nd week – KF0VF, Doug
3rd week – KA0IES Al
4th week – K0ECW, Eric
5th week – KB0NRU, Heidi

Fill in – KC0ALC, David